£35.00 Per day per child. Book the full week for £150 which is equal to £30 per day (Automatically applied when you book the full week)

10 Percent off

If your child is a Westgate Primary Pupil

10 Percent off

If your child is a Shire Oak Primary Pupil

10 Percent off

If your child is an Alder Tree Primary Academy Pupil

10 Percent off

Discount for booking on Siblings

The discounts detailed above are applied individually and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer (with the exception of childcare vouchers.) We don’t stack the discounts, it’s either a siblings discount applied, or a week booking discount, but unfortunately not both at the same time.

To receive your 10 percent discount please contact jon@artcampuk.com for the discount code for your allocated school

Paint Splats

Payment plans are available if you’d like to stagger your payment this is possible, to discuss these options please contact us. jon@artcampuk.com

Hula-Hoop boy

Your child does not need to attend school at any of our sites. We are open to all kids from any school.

paint splats 2

More than just a school holiday club

We have listened to parents and reduced our prices due to the cost of living crisis.

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